Glasswashers For Wine Bars

Commercial establishments like bars, coffee shops and tea houses need a dedicated glasswasher unit. Traditional dishwashers are not the right systems for places like bars where there is a high turnaround of glasses. You need a dedicated glasswasher at such a place. It helps you run your wine bar smoothly. Buy a commercial glasswasher to clean your glasses quickly, easily and efficiently. There are many benefits of having such an appliance at your bar.

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Quick Washing

Commercial glass washing systems can clean a large number of glasses in less than 2 minutes. This quick washing cycle helps you handle a large number of customers. You can manage the counters with minimum glasses. Your glasses will be ready to serve within a few minutes. You do not have to keep dirty glasses lying around for cleaning. A dedicated glasswasher helps you keep your wine bar ready to serve at all times during the opening hours.

Efficient Cleaning

Sink cleaning can consume lots of water. There is no need to waste so much water when the same work can be handled more efficiently with the help of a glasswasher. Use of less water also means use of less energy. A commercial grade glasswasher is designed to consume less water and energy. Save money on your energy and water bills.

Thorough Cleaning

Even when a large number of glasses are stacked inside the glasswasher, the machine is capable of cleaning each glass thoroughly. The glasses are cleaned properly so you will never find any leftover wine stains after the cleaning is over. It eliminates the risks of bacterial contamination and poor hygiene at your establishment.

Advanced Features

Many advanced features can be found in the latest range of glasswashers designed for commercial places. The insulated door of the glasswasher helps maintain the interior temperature at the right level during the cleaning operation. The door safety switch prevents accidental opening of the door when the cleaning process is going on. Control pushbuttons are easy to use and clearly visible on top of the machine. New techniques like built-in rinse injector are used. Some expensive models now have sparkle system. This attachment first cleans and filters the water used to clean the glasses. All traces of minerals are removed and only the de-ionised water is supplied for the final rinsing process. It results in sparkling clean glasses that are free from spots and mists. No hand polishing of glasses is needed after that.

This compact appliance is designed to meet the requirements of most commercial kitchens. It blends well in the kitchen counter and takes up little space. It is perfect for bars that operate in an expensive real estate location where space is at a premium.